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Welcome to ASR Architectural Security Representatives Inc. manufacturers' representatives.

The principals of Architectural Security Representatives have each represented architectural openings products in Northern California and Hawaii for over 30 years. We have always worked closely with independent specification writers, wholesalers, distributors, contract hardware distributors, security companies, system integrators and property owners.  Our strategy is to provide creative solutions for the challenges our partners customers face. Our goal is to exceed the customers’ expectations.  This approach has produced a long successful sales history for the product lines represented. 

Our agency is operated with three guiding principles: 

Success comes from partnering with your distributors. Personal relationships are still very important in our industry. A close long-term relationship with the distributor partners spells sales success.​

Knowledgeable professionals on staff. Our team brings to market veterans who know and understand the architectural openings business.

We network with architects, contractors, system integrators, construction managers, locksmiths and end users presenting products that provide security, safety and convenience around the door. 

No matter what sort of door application you are planning, ASR Sales can HELP YOU!


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